Rapid Response Team

Who We Are
The LIU 12 Rapid Response Team is a group of trained and experienced school psychologists spanning York, Adams, and Franklin counties. We provide a continuum of comprehensive and time sensitive services such as consultation, resources, education, and direct intervention to schools facing crisis situations.

What we do:

  • Assist building administration and staff in best practices and procedures during and after crisis situations

  • Provide short term support to students in need with respect to various cultures, abilities, and backgrounds

  • Provide training for district level crisis response teams

  • Provide consultation and information to schools encountering difficult situations

  • Work with administration and support staff to identify individuals in need of ongoing support

Typical situations we respond to:

  • Unexpected death of students or staff

  • Bomb threats

  • Major acts or threats of violence

  • Natural disasters

  • Major school disruption

Our Mission

To provide caring and comprehensive services to schools, students, and their families in crisis so that urgent student needs are addressed and the learning process resumes.