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IU 12 offers E-rate Consulting Services.  

Most school administrators assign E-rate program duties to the already overflowing plate of a district’s technology director or business manager. The result can be a last-minute approach to performing time-sensitive filings. This, coupled with a limited knowledge of the E-rate guidelines, is why so many districts do not receive the full benefit of this $3 billion reimbursement program.

Since 2014, the E-rate program has been funding broadband equipment purchases. Beginning with Funding Year 2021 (2021-2022 school year), changes are being made to these Category 2 E-rate equipment procurements. The changes will result in an increased amount of funding available, and the funding will be allocated at the district level, not on a per-building basis.  Funding Year 2021 will begin a new, five-year cycle for all E-rate applicants to utilize the available funding.

I am happy to answer any questions you have concerning E-rate or our services. Additional details on our consulting services are contained in the IU E-rate Flyer. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Thank you, Hans