Central Region School Facilities Managers

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Thomas Weaver, Manager
tjweaver@iu12.org (717) 624-6408 

The Central Region School Facility Managers chapter is made up of facilities managers, custodial staff and maintenance staff of school districts with the Lincoln Intermediate and Capital Intermediate Units. Currently 77 members representing 38 school districts and two intermediate units.

Participating districts pay a $100.00 annual fee per district. This entitles participants to attend all meetings, training sessions, workshops, to receive monthly meeting announcements, meeting summaries and all program handouts and literature. The fee is charged to participants in both Lincoln and Capital Intermediate Units and is used solely for the activities of this chapter.

The group is in its 24th year and continues to be a great support to its membership. Each monthly meeting begins with a valuable session of roundtable discussion where those present discuss concerns and share solutions for mutual problems. The group also has active representation in PASBO and provides a monthly update of upcoming PASBO sponsored workshops and current legislation.

Facilities Managers Timeline 2019-2020