Academics & Curriculum

Lincoln EDGE uses a variety of curriculum providers to support our students with a robust and intentional learning experience.

*Our core courses are offered through the Odysseyware Academy platform.

Odysseyware Academy

Schools all over the country are discovering the benefits of partnering with Odysseyware Academy to build a technology-based, comprehensive distance learning environment

Created for 21st century students our fully accredited virtual school has all of the essential components to support teaching and facilitate learning.  With dynamic, interactive content, full administrative services, flexible curriculum and innovative features, Odysseyware Academy is the solution you need to get the results you want.

Odysseyware Academy provides a robust and relevant curriculum, teachers uniquely qualified to teach specific courses in a fully online environment, and services that simplify administrative functions.  They bring it all together inside a technology-driven, individualized learning environment that reinforces 21st century skills.  

 Additional Resources

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