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Kindness Bags

The New Vision’s class at the York Learning Center spent the last month working on a community service project for the homeless in York. This continues our year long theme of kindness always. We made what we called kindness bags.

 Donations were made by the students, and building staff. Additionally, the students went shopping as a class and each student chose five items for our kindness bags. We collected all kinds of items that a homeless person could use. We collected tuna, little canned sausages, socks, scarves, gloves, feet warmers, hand warmers, and bottled just to name few. We packed all of the items in gallon sized bags. All in all we made almost one hundred bags. We were also able to give some coats, blankets, and extra food that was collected. These items along with the kindness bags were handed out to the homeless in York on Sunday, February 10th.

 Not only did this project teach the students a way to practice kindness, but it also opened there eyes to what it means to be homeless, but it also encouraged the students to look outside themselves, which is often difficult for our students. This project also made the students feel really good about themselves. That is so important.

 In closing, I told the students that it is important to remember to be kind because everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So be kind always.