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We are a LAMP Center of Excellence!


  LAMP Center of Excellence 

 Language acquisition through motor planning is an approach that utilizes neurological and motor planning principles.  The goal is to give students who have difficulty verbally expressing themselves a voice.  LAMP focuses on giving students the ability to access vocabulary independently on a voice output device.  This vocabulary consistently requires the same motor planning.  LAMP strategies when used with nonverbal children have been found to increase verbalizations across all environments.  Additionally, while communication increased, so did social engagement skills.  Problem skills decreased and also verbalizations increased.

     The LAMP Center of Excellence award has been designed to recognize teams of professionals who collaborate on LAMP competencies.  It is designed for licensed and credentialed professionals (speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, special education teachers, etc. ) who practice LAMP competencies in their various disciplines.  Acquisition of this certificate is based on clinical and educational competencies that have been observed and practiced.  The Franklin Learning Center is now proud to announce that they have been recognized as a LAMP Center of Excellence.  There are only 6 centers in the entire United States that have received that recognition.  Additionally, there are only 3 LAMP certified speech/language therapists in all of Pennsylvania.  Two of those therapists currently is employed by the LIU #12 at the Franklin Learning Center.

     The Franklin Learning Center is honored to receive this recognition.  We are pleased to continue to demonstrate our passion to help students with special needs.

FLC certificate