•  Drum icon by Scott Dunlap from the Noun Project

    Adaptive Music

    Music at the Franklin Learning Center is not the traditional “open-your-book-andturn-to page 22 to sing a song” class.

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  •  Swimming icon by Vladimir Belochkin from the Noun Project

    Adaptive Physical Education

    Adaptive Physical Education provides students with disabilities a means to master physical education goals. Individualized physical education programming allows students to move at their own pace in a setting that fits their individual needs.

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  •  Art icon by LINECTOR  from the Noun Project

    Art Club

    The FLC Art Education Program encourages an awareness of the elements and principles of design, creative independence, as well as developing an awareness and exposure to a wide range of artistic media.

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  •  Rolling pin and whisk

    Kitchen Lab

    The Kitchen Laboratory, located within the Franklin Learning Center instructional area,
    provides a wonderful opportunity for students to observe and practice functional life skills
    useful in the kitchen.

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  •  nuts and bolts icon by lastspark from the Noun Project

    Prevocational Skills Laboratory

    As part of the transition from the Industrial Arts curriculum, a portion of the shop
    classroom was converted into a job skills area – otherwise known now as the PreVocational

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  •  Garden Tools icon by Smalllike from the Noun Project

    Sensory Garden

    The Franklin Learning Center values learning that happens both inside and outside the classroom.

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  •  Trampoline icon by Jonathan Lutaster from the Noun Project

    Sensory Rooms

    Sensory Rooms at the Franklin Learning Center are recent additions that provide space for teachers, assistants, therapists and other staff to take students who need to self-regulate in order to participate in learning activities.

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  •  laundry room icon by Jennifer Zhang from the Noun Project

    Transition/Community-Based Instruction

    Beginning at age 14, the Franklin Learning Center offers transition programming and activities to meet the unique needs of each secondary student.

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