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    Life is a journey. Lincoln Expeditions is the catalyst for the development of healthy communities. The Lincoln Expeditions process encourages individuals to discover and develop healthy relationships with themselves and the world around. These experiences give participants a sense of being valued and respected as individuals and as caring members of the community. 

    Expedition Goals:

    To learn experientially about healthy community building.

    To build a healthy, caring, community of learners.

    CARE: Consistent, Accountable, Respectful, Enthusiastic

    To develop and strengthen relationships through participation in a collaborative community building experience.

    To lead and follow creatively to achieve common goals.

    To shape a sense of cohesiveness and connectedness.

    Customized Programing to  Spearhead Community Goals:

    Direct Service:

    Capacity building

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    Peak Expedition Experiences

    SynerJams - learn more about this here: SynerJams

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    Ropes course

    Check out this video of PEAK Expedition Experience filmed at local challenge ropes course: Roundtop Mountain Resort. Be sure to catch the testimonials from students at the end! 

    See what others are saying: 

    Adventure…Community Building … opens minds. It allows you to let your guard down, it gives you an excuse to laugh and gives you a chance to dig deeper. It brings people together. It wakes up your body while waking up your mind. It breaks down walls and builds relationships. In the fall the culture of our special education department was not ideal. We were all overwhelmed with the demands and expectations put on us as teachers, that mountain seemed to just keep growing and building. Our attitudes were stuck in a negative track and we were all having a hard time switching gears. We were having a hard time lifting each other up and focusing on the positive. Our Special Education Director had a brilliant idea - bringing the power of adventure and teambuilding to our department.

    Team building, Community Building to our department. So the EagleJam was on! We came together as a district of special education teachers of shared frustrations to first move and laugh together. Then soon we were connecting, we were building each other up. Soon we were finding a new hope and energy to change our thinking to a new mindset. That it was our choice how we greet each day, so why not do so with the joy we shared during the EagleJam. We learned we were all in this together and we all had each other’s backs. The shift didn’t happen right away for everyone, but  by the end of the day the majority of our group bought in and walked away with a new breathe and energy to tackle the school year with zeal and hope.

                                                                     Tiffany Breininger, Emotional Support Teacher Cumberland Valley High School