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  • A Message to Our Parents

    Supporting children to engage in appropriate educational activities in a safe manner is our utmost focus during these current times. The LIU Special Education Centers; Franklin Learning Center, Paradise Center, York Learning Center are opening this month for face to face instruction. However, knowing that this may not be appropriate or comfortable for some students or families, the LIU is committed to working with individual student teams to develop an educational plan and setting that is appropriate. This could mean a virtual education or hybrid type of educational setting for your child. Please contact your child’s program supervisor or the LIU Special Education Director if you have any questions.



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    Health & Safety Plan Effective March 1, 2022

    Spanish Health & safety Plan Effective March 1, 2022

  • Dr. Jennifer Leese

    Dr. Jennifer Leese, Director of Student Services and District Engagement  

    Lisa Bowers, Administrative Assistant  (717) 624-6485



    Special Education Leadership


    Assistant Director of Student Services and District Engagement
    Patricia Wysocki  (717) 624-6488

    Associate Director of Student Services
    Dr. Cynthia Renehan  (717) 624-6461

    Kelly Kile, 
    Administrative Assistant
    Attendance and Data  (717) 624-6478


Chapter 14 Information

  • Chapter 14 regulations are Pennsylvania’s state special education regulations that establish procedures for the identification of students with disabilities and in need of special education services and programs within the Commonwealth. This set of regulations also describes the requirements and procedures for the delivery of special education services and programs for students with disabilities across the public school entities within the state. Chapter 14 does not apply to public charter schools or cyber charter schools. Chapter 711 regulations apply to students with disabilities in public charter schools or cyber charter schools.

    Chapter 14 Questions and Answers

    Chapter 14 Special Education Forms

    Chapter 14 Regulations

    Chapter 14 Questions and Answers is a collection of frequently asked questions received by Bureau of Special Education (BSE) regarding the implementation of Chapter 14. Any additional questions related to the Chapter 14 Q & A are to be directed to the BSE.

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