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    The Lincoln Cyber Café seeks to partner with leaders in the educational industry to provide our schools with the latest products and services available to help our students, our teachers and our schools meet the needs of today’s high-stakes, data-driven and standards aligned marketplace.

    It is our goal to continuously seek out online resources (curriculum, tools and professional development) and establish consortia pricing, so that your schools can maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace by maintaining student growth at a cost-effective price.

    Use the Master Product List to explore the many products and services available through the Lincoln Cyber Café .

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    (Left to right: Hilary Wolf, Anna McMonigle, Dr. Erik Bentzel, Michelle Arnold, Dawn Bodien & Lotttie Smith)

    Dr. Erik Bentzel 
    Supervisor of Online Learning   
    (717) 718-5857  

    Fax: (717) 718-5906 

    Dawn Bodien
    Lincoln Cyber Cafe Secretary  
    (717) 718-5852

    Hilary Wolf
    Lincoln EDGE Secretary  
    (717) 718-5855

    Michelle Arnold
    Lincoln EDGE 
    Instructional Support Teacher  
    (717) 718-5800 EXT 5019

    Timothy Marks
    Lincoln EDGE 
    Instructional Support Teacher   
    (717) 718-5800 EXT 5856 

    Lottie Smith
    Lincoln EDGE School Counselor
    (717) 718-5800 X 5854