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    Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 recognizes that STEM is integrated, transdisciplinary, and student-centered. We recognize four different strands of STEM: Build, Design, Code and Create. It is through these four strands and with a transdisciplinary model that STEM becomes pervasive as a culture in our schools. Because of this, Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 is committed to improving and supporting STEM in schools, area businesses, and higher education.

    We offer a number of connections, resources, tools, and curricular tie-ins to those interested including:

    Professional Development

    We offer a wide variety of STEM related workshops that cover topics such as design thinking, engineering design processes, computational thinking and computer science, ISTE standards, educational technology integration frameworks, inquiry-based learning, makerspace design, and more. The 22-23 school year workshops can be viewed here: 22-23 STEM Flyers

    Professional development sessions can also be customized to meet the needs of individual buildings or districts. Contact Ben Smith ( to find out more. 

    K-12 STEM Curriculum Writing and Support

    We can provide STEM Audits & Program Evaluation for STEM across the content areas and K-12 with our STEM strategic planning tools. We also provide Computer Science curriculum support in the form of the CS Bootcamp, which assists educators in developing an effective and equitable CS curriculum while introducing them to CS tools and robotics pieces. 

    LIU12 STEM Lending Library

    The LIU12 STEM Lending Library is available to free for all districts which have signed the Lending Library agreement. This library houses 40+ resources which can support the exploration and integration of STEM and CS Activities in schools and districts. Not sure if you want to purchase a class set or just a few of a certain educational robotic? Borrow and test one of our devices from the LIU12 STEM Lending Library! You can access and view the resources listed in the STEM Lending Library.

    FrAY Ecosystem 

    The FrAY Ecosystem seeks to bring local educational agencies into contact with local businesses and other workforce development partners in order to provide students with high quality career education experiences and resources. Find out more about FrAY and how to join at the FrAY Website. 

    Student Opportunities

    STEM competitions, both local and state-wide, are an important part of STEM education that we offer directly to students. Find out more about the STEM competitions we host as well as the state-wide competitions we support across the state here: STEM Competitions

    We also offer Summer Camp programming to students. Camp registration usually begins in January for camps held in June. Check out the Summer Camp Site


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