Assistive Technology

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    What is Assistive Technology?

    Legal Definition of Assistive Technology

    What are Assistive Technology services provided by LIU?

    Assistive Technology Training and Consultation (TAC) services are federally funded through IDEA Part B and are available to all public schools for the purpose of building school capacity. TaC services function as a specialized resource for school districts by providing technical assistance, on-site consultation, guided practice, professional development, and professional learning communities for assistive technology. 

  • What Assistive Technology Services does LIU offer?

    AT TaC - Training & Consulting Services -

    AT TaC services are IDEA funded for public school employees in the LIU and in districts within the LIU 12 footprint for the purpose of building capacity. These services are at no costs to districts. Non-Public schools are welcome to complete this form, however, a fee will be charged for this service.   District and IU teams and staff may request AT training and consultation related to the needs of trialing AT or general AT training.  These services are for staff and do not involve direct student contact.

    AT Evaluations -

    This is a fee-based service that must be requested by an LEA. An AT Evaluation may include collection of case history, collaboration with current team members (including parents), utilization of the SETT process, direct student observation, and making recommendations.  A formal report will be provided to the student's home LEA/district at the completion of the independent evaluation.  The AT evaluator may attend Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting per district request.  This form may only be completed by the student's home district LEA.   



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