Business Services

  • Business Services

    Business Services is comprised of several divisions of Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12. They are: Accounting, Facilities, Joint Purchasing, and Lincoln Benefit Trust. They are supervised by the Director of Finance, Tim Stanton, and are all located at the Central Office in New Oxford, Pennsylvania. 

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Division Leadership

Business Office Contacts

Task Business Office Contact Email Phone
Accounts Payable Ashley Gebhart 717-624-6415
Time Sheets Amanda Stoner 717-624-6450
Special Education Service Agreements Ashlei Pallone 717-624-6450
Source for Teachers Accounting Ashlei Pallone 717-624-6450
COBRA/Retiree Billing Charlene Albin 717-624-6547
Joint Purchasing Deborah Kane 717-624-6530
Database Analysis and Report Design Gary Levin 717-624-6412
Financial Analysis Gary Levin 717-624-6412
Grant Accounting Gary Levin 717-624-6412
ESL & Translation Budgets Gary Levin 717-624-6412
ACCESS Karen Harmon 717-624-6469
Statewide System of Support Grants Gary Levin 717-624-6412
Financial Analysis- Ed Services & Grants Elliott Trimmer 717-624-6427
PA Sales Tax Exempt Form Kim Lawrence 717-624-6407
Purchase Order / Requisition Processing Kim Lawrence 717-624-6407
Amazon Ordering Kim Lawrence 717-624-6407
Accounts Receivable and Billing Michelle Flickinger 717-624-6403
Section 125 Flexible Spending Natalie Kraus 717-624-6492.
PSERS Reporting Wendy Danner 717-624-6419
Employee Forms Wendy Danner 717-624-6419
PCG/SSG Reporting Wendy Danner 717-624-6419
Health Insurance Trust Marty Schuj 717-624-6493
Financial Analysis-General Fund/Enterprise/Ctrs Ryan Holt 717-624-6439
YLCJA & FLCJSC Budgets and Reporting Ryan Holt 717-624-6439
General Fund & Enterprise Budgets Ryan Holt 717-624-6439
Regulatory Reporting Scott Wilt 717-624-6417
Financial Analysis and Reporting Scott Wilt 717-624-6417
Transportation Stacy Kunkelman 717-624-6460
Facilities vacant 717-624-6408
Room Rental, New Oxford Tim Stanton 717-624-6408
Energy Consortium/Purchasing Consortium Tim Stanton 717-624-6408
Special Education Billing & Budgeting Jennifer Bermejo 717-624-6454
Fundraiser Accounts Wendy Danner 717-624-6419