Franklin Learning Center

The Franklin Learning Center

  • 2397 Loop Road
    Chambersburg, PA 17202
    Phone: (717) 263-2700; Fax: (717) 263-7479

    Site Administrator/Principal

    Barbara Dalious  (717) 504-4401  

    Associate Supervisor/Assistant Principal

    Dr. James Hogue  (717) 504-4444

    Building Secretaries

    LeAnne Barnhart  (717) 504-4403

    Susan Stuff  (717) 504-4411

    Building Receptionist

    Erika Strakonsky  (717) 504-4450


    Program Vision: The Franklin Learning Center is a public school facility that provides special education services for students with special needs. Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 administration and staff provide education in an inclusive and supportive environment to assist students in reaching their full potential while offering engagement and collaboration with their community.

     Description: Program features at FLC include:

    • Heated pool
    • Sensory integration room
    • Special subject teachers for art, music, physical education and swimming
    • Pre-Vocational Lab
    • Language Acquisition through Motor Approach (LAMP) Center for Excellence
    • Kitchen Labs for food prep learning
    • Sensory garden
    • Fenced-in accessible playground
    • Facility dog
    • Verbal Behavior approach
    • PAES Lab 


    Placement Criteria: IEP Team decision based on:

    • Documents to review with the team to assess feasibility of placement (factors include safety concerns, level of mental health needs).  Staff may go to observe the student if needed. Documents needed include a current ER or RR and a current IEP. (Behavior classrooms also require a complete FBA and PBSP)
    • Completed Franklin County Placement Checklist
    • Parent visit and input

    Exit Criteria : IEP Team decision based on: 

    • Consistently sufficient social skills and communication skills that allow for self-regulation and appropriate communication of needs; IEP goals commensurate with skills being taught in less restrictive environments; decreasing maladaptive behaviors
    • Potential Placement in Alternate or More Restrictive Setting If Progress on Iep Goals Is Not Being Achieved at a Reasonable Pace or Maladaptive Behaviors Are Consistently Interfering with the Safety of Staff and/or Other Students
    • May Vary Based on Type and Level of Service


    Services Included: All LIU classroom programs offer the following as needed:

    • Data-driven IEP development
    • Pupil Personnel Support including social workers and school psychologists
      • BI classrooms include a full-time social worker as well as access to a school psychologist
      • Dual Diagnosis classrooms receive small group direct instruction from the school psychologist in social skills as well as one on one support 
      • All programs include school psychologist services
    • Supervisory expertise in the area of exceptionality
    • Instructional Advisor with expertise in the area of exceptionality
    • Trained Staff in Trauma Informed practices
    • Trained Staff in Restorative Practices
    • Research-based strategies
    • Standards-driven curriculum
    • Behavior Analyst
    • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
    • Transition services including work sites in the building and in the community
    • Positive Behavior Support
    • Independent living skills instruction
    • Speech/Language services
    • Occupational and Physical therapy
    • Current programming includes K to 12 Autistic Support, Life Skills Support,  Dual Diagnosis, Multiple Disability Support, and K to 8th Behavior Intervention