• Educational Technology Services

    Our team at the Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 offers expertise in disciplines including administrative, network administration, system integration, application and desktop support. Educational Technology Services is here to provide leadership, innovation and expertise to educational entities in Adams, Franklin and York Counties.

Meet Dr. Erik Bentzel

  • Dr. Erik Bentzel

    We are excited to announce Dr. Erik Bentzel is joining our team. Erik is from York and started out as a high school teacher at York City School Disctrict. He was most recently a superintendent. Erik is our new supervisor of Online Learning. He will be working out of the York Learning Center leading the Lincoln Cyber Cafe and Lincoln EDGE Programs. Welcome Erik!

Educational Technology Services

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Contact Us

Task Support Contact Email Phone
Access PA Nicole Bond nabond@iu12.org (717) 624-6449
Act 48 Support Patricia Barker plbarker@iu12.org (717) 624-6445
Active Directory & Account Managment (IU Email) Maranda Kenworthy mnkenworthy@iu12.org (717) 624-6448
Asset Inventory Managment Maranda Kenworthy mnkenworthy@iu12.org (717) 624-6448
Assistive Technology Valerie Chapman-Jones vachapman-jones@iu12.org (717) 624-6608
AV Support and Training Helpdesk helpticket@iu12.org (717) 624-6428
Cellular/Broadband Services Maranda Kenworthy mnkenworthy@iu12.org (717) 624-6448
Data Systems Manager Matt DeMeo mjdemeo@iu12.org (717) 624-6423
Defined STEM Support Patricia Barker plbarker@iu12.org (717) 624-6445
Discovery Education Support Patricia Barker plbarker@iu12.org (717) 624-6445
Educational Technology Specialist Nicole Bond nabond@iu12.org (717) 624-6449
E-rate Hans Kirchner hgkirchner@iu12.org (717) 624-6406
ETAC (Educational Technology Services Advisory Council) Maranda Kenworthy mnkenworthy@iu12.org (717) 624-6448
GAFE (Google Apps for Education) Accounts Maranda Kenworthy mnkenworthy@iu12.org (717) 624-6448
Help Desk Support Justin Gaumer jtgaumer@iu12.org (717) 624-6605
Help Desk Support Danielle Keller dlkeller@iu12.org (717) 624-6605
Help Desk Support Chris Kornbau clkornbau@iu12.org (717) 624-6605
Help Desk Support - FLC Isabella Wenrich imwenrich@iu12.org (717) 624-6605
Infinite Visions Support Helpdesk helpticket@iu12.org (717) 624-6428
Infobase Nicole Bond nabond@iu12.org (717) 624-6449
Instructional Materials Services (IMS) Patricia Barker plbarker@iu12.org (717) 624-6445
iOS & MacOS Support Helpdesk helpticket@iu12.org (717) 624-6428
Learn 360 Support Patricia Barker plbarker@iu12.org (717) 624-6445
Lincoln Cyber Cafe Dawn Bodien dbodien@iu12.org (717) 718-5852
Lincoln EDGE Michelle Arnold mlarnold@iu12.org (717) 718-5019
Lincoln EDGE Dawn Bodien dbodien@iu12.org (717) 718-5852
Lincoln EDGE Lottie Smith lasmith@iu12.org (717) 718-5800 X 5854
Lincoln EDGE Tim Marks tpmarks@iu12.org 717-718-5800
Lincoln Learning Network (LLN) Hans Kirchner hgkirchner@iu12.org (717) 624-6406
LIU Conference Room Support Helpdesk helpticket@iu12.org (717) 624-6428
LIU issued iPhone management Maranda Kenworthy mnkenworthy@iu12.org (717) 624-6448
LIU Technology Vendor Partnerships Hans Kirchner hgkirchner@iu12.org (717) 624-6406
Nearpod Nicole Bond nabond@iu12.org (717) 624-6449
Network & Systems Administration Brant Kenny bakenny@iu12.org (717) 624-6514
OneCallNow Maranda Kenworthy mnkenworthy@iu12.org (717) 624-6448
Professional Learning Opportunities Patricia Barker plbarker@iu12.org (717) 624-6445
Social Media Support (Twitter; Facebook) Nicole Bond nabond@iu12.org (717) 624-6449
SSKW Technology Pool Counsel Maranda Kenworthy mnkenworthy@iu12.org (717)624-6448
Staff Development Abbey Lichtenberg allichtenberg@iu12.org (717) 624-6458
STEM Advisory Council Patricia Barker plbarker@iu12.org (717) 624-6445
Student Technology Competitions Patricia Barker plbarker@iu12.org (717) 624-6445
Systems and Network Specialist Patrick Scharff pcscharff@iu12.org 717-624-6605
Technology Purchasing Maranda Kenworthy mnkenworthy@iu12.org (717) 624-6448
TIEnet (Technology Integration Educator Network) Patricia Barker plbarker@iu12.org (717) 624-6445
Zoom Patricia Barker plbarker@iu12.org (717) 624-6445