Educational Services Division (ESD)

  • The Educational Services Division provides quality, customized learning opportunities in response to research and effective practice. The focus of the division is to support the training and skill development of LIU staff, district staff, parents and community members in support of student learning.


    Dr. Brad Sterner

    Dr. Brad Sterner, 
    Director of Educational Services (717) 624-6482

    Mrs. Wendy Noel, Division Secretary (717) 624-6438


    Division Leadership

    Dr. Laura McCusker, Assistant Director of Ed. Services  (717) 624-6600

    Mrs. Tanya Morret, TaC Supervisor (717) 624-6528

    Mr. Charlie Trovato, Professional Development Specialist (717) 624-6527


Educational Services Staff

Name Title Email
Dessylyn Arnold TaC Staff Developer
Dr. Rebecca Blahus TaC Staff Developer
Phyllis Brown TaC Staff Developer
Corinne Conner TaC Staff Developer
Khai Guidinger Program Secretary for Professional Development and Assistant Director of Educational Services
Jennifer Hagerman TaC Staff Developer
Lorrie Hrycek TaC Staff Developer
Melinda Krebs TaC Staff Developer
Jennifer Laurito TaC Staff Developer
Val Lil TaC Staff Developer
Dr. Laura McCusker Assistant Director of Educational Services
Christina McLaughlin TaC Staff Developer
Matt McLaughlin TaC Staff Developer
Dr. Jessica Miller TaC Staff Developer
Barb Morgan Administrative Assistant
Tanya Morret TaC Supervisor
Michelle Noel Program Secretary for TaC
Wendy Noel Assistant to the Director of Educational Services
Melissa-Ann Pero Staff Developer
Dr. Brad Sterner Director of Educational Services
Charlie Trovato Professional Development Specialist