What is an Intermediate Unit (IU)?

  • Intermediate Units are entrepreneurial, highly skilled, technology-rich, and agile providers of cost-effective, instructional, and operational services to school districts, charter schools, and over 2,400 nonpublic and private schools. Additionally, intermediate units are direct providers of quality instruction to over 50,000 Pennsylvania students.

    Each IU performs a number of unique roles. The customers it serves shape the services offered. Intermediate Unit employees are simultaneously vendors, service providers, grant writers, financial and management specialists, researchers, advisors, advocates, trainers, and facilitators. They also serve as a liaison between the PA Department of Education and schools within the IU region.

    The Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 (LIU) is one of 29 Intermediate Units formed by the Pennsylvania State Legislature in 1971 to provide consultative and advisory support to local school districts. Created to replace the County Office of Superintendent, Intermediate Units provide educational services as needed by the educational community.

    The LIU is located in New Oxford, Pennsylvania and provides educational services to Adams, Franklin, and York counties in the areas of Adult Education, Nonpublic School Services, Business Services, Language Instruction, Educational Services, Special Education, and Educational Technology Services. The LIU serves local schools and communities, local businesses and nonprofit organizations, all Pennsylvania schools, other Intermediate Units and libraries via statewide programs, and federal, state and local agencies.

    Funding sources include state subsidy, government and foundation grants, contributions from districts, and fees for service. The Lincoln Intermediate Unit is governed by a 13-member board of directors comprised of representatives from the 25 component school district regions in Adams, Franklin and York counties.

    Image showing the map of PA intermediate units