COVID-19 Info

  • LIU COVID-19 Information

    Supporting children to engage in appropriate educational activities in a safe manner is our utmost focus during these current times. The LIU Special Education Centers; Franklin Learning Center, Paradise Center, York Learning Center are open for face to face instruction, unless otherwise noted below. However, knowing that this may not be appropriate or comfortable for some students or families, the LIU is committed to working with individual student teams to develop an educational plan and setting that is appropriate. This could mean a virtual education or hybrid type of educational setting for your child. Please contact your child’s program supervisor or the LIU Director of Special Education if you have any questions.

    • The Current Status Column indicates if each facility is currently open or closed.
    • The Start Date of Closure indicates the starting date a facility closes.
    • The Date of Reopening Column will be used to indicate when a facility reopens after a closure.
    • The Confirmed Positive Cases Column represents the number of active confirmed positive and probable cases within the rolling 14-day total, as of today’s date.
    • The last column is a total of all confirmed positive and probable cases, by building, since November 30, 2020.

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    Health & Safety Plan Effective July 1, 2021

    Continuity of Education Plan