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    Lawrence Ott
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    Trisha Black
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About Our School

  • Paradise School provides intensive, individualized academic and social-emotional supports for students experiencing significant social, emotional, and/or behavioral difficulties. Currently four behavioral intervention (BI) and emotional support (ES) programs operate at Paradise School. These include Adams County Learning Center for student in grades 6-12 (BI), the Academy program for students in grades K-6 (ES), the Momentum program for students in grades 7-12 (ES), and the Preparation for Adult Learning Program for students grades 6-12 (Transition/Behavior Intervention).

    Each program provides a smaller adult to student ratio within a highly structured classroom. In addition to academic instruction, students participate in a research based social skills instruction on a daily basis, and have daily interaction with mental health workers (MHW) provided by Catholic Charities. The MHWs provide social-emotional learning opportunities, individual support, and interactive activities aimed at providing coping strategies, reducing anxiety, and dealing with frustration.

    A main goal of the program is to help students learn and maintain the necessary academic and social skills to support their learning and return from the center-based program to a lesser restrictive program or the general education setting in the home District. This is documented with an exit plan created upon entry to the program.