• Ms. Sheniqua Gilliland's Class

    We are so happy to have you as a part of our educational community! In our classroom we provide various materials and activities to promote growth and development across all areas including, approaches to learning, creative arts, language and literacy, science and mathematical skills, social interactions, physical health, and social studies. Our goal is to partner with families and the community

    to provide resources and support throughout your child’s preschool career. 

    Our Classroom Staff include the following people: 

    Classroom Assistant: Ms. Crystal

    Speech Therapy (Tuesdays): Kelley Walton 

    Physical Therapy (Tuesdays): 

    Annette Garling, PT 

    Melinda Ryder, PTA 

    Cindy Rawley, PTA

    Occupational Therapy (Wednesdays):

    Lori Shoop, COTA

    Vision Support: Jamie Sigel

    Hearing Support: Diane Richmond

    Preschool Secretary: Eileen Myers 

    Preschool Program Specialist:

    Melinda Shovlin-Miller


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