Lion's Pride

  • Behavior Intervention Program

    Lion’s Pride Academy is a behavior intervention program that serves both regular and special education students in grades K-6.  Comprehensive education services are provided to students with emotional and behavioral difficulties who require more support than can be offered in a traditional school building and/or for students transitioning from more-restrictive placements.

    Through a therapeutic and positive environment, individual and unique needs of each student are met via:

    • On-site access to psychological and psychiatric services
    • Licensed social worker available to provide in-home support and opportunities for  parent training and support
    • Sensory Integration Station for students with sensory regulation needs
    • Small group/ individualized instruction within a larger school environment allows for replication of traditional academic day and  practice of necessary skills for successful transition back to traditional public placement
    • Opportunity to participate in York College Buddies program

    Our Students

    Referrals for placement in our program come from school district representatives. We serve students in grades K-6 from most York County districts and charter schools.

    Our student population may include:

    • Regular education students who require a smaller and more structured setting or who have exhibited disruptive and/or unsafe behaviors in the traditional school setting
    • Students who receive special education services and require a more specialized school placement
    • Students who are awaiting psychological and psychiatric evaluations and/or other diagnostic needs
    • Students who are transiting from more-restrictive or specialized settings to a more traditional public school setting
    • Students who have been diagnosed ADHD, ODD, other mental health disorders as well as students with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders who can benefit from the specialized programming offered by Lion’s Pride Academy

    Our Approach

    Our unique programming offers an opportunity for behavioral and academic growth that is different from traditional approaches used in other programs. 

  • Emotional Support
    Eastern Region

    Dr. Katie Wagaman, 
    Learning Center Site Administrator   
    (717) 718-5805

    Scott Curry,
    Instructional Advisor     
    (717) 718-5847

    Paige Clafferty,
    Instructional Advisor     
    (717) 718-5846  



    Heather Kearse                                       
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