Local Task Force On the Right to Education

  • The Right to Education Consent Agreement of 1972 provided for the establishment of a Local Task Force in each of the 29 Intermediate Units “to insure that the intent and spirit of the Agreement is carried out throughout the Commonwealth.”


    Membership of the Local Task Force is made up of Parents of children with special needs (Consumers), School Officials, and Representatives serving school age children with special needs. The Task Force has to have a 51% majority parent/consumer represented. We continually look for Parents/Consumers interested in serving as a Task Force Representative.


    Meetings are open to the public and will be held virtually. Dates for the 2022-2023 school year TBD.

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Duties of the Local Task Force on the Right to Education

  • 1. Monitor programs and services for school age children with special needs, making recommendations for their improvement, expansion, or termination.

    2. Assist the Administration in carrying out the rules and regulations growing out of the Right to Education Consent Agreement.

    3. Assist parents of students with special needs in understanding the laws/regulations that affect their rights and help develop an appropriate educational program for the student with special needs.

    4. Review recommendations of the State Task Force and advise the Administration of any recommendation which should be adopted or implemented in the Intermediate Unit 12 area.

    5. Encourage cooperation with public and private agencies which provide service to school age children with special needs.

    6. Identify local needs and problems and develop recommendations for consideration by appropriate agencies.

    7. Recommend solutions to problems in areas of concern as identified or brought to the attention of the Task Force.

    8. Advise on the best methods of informing the community about programs of special education.

    9. Review Intermediate Unit and District Special Education Plans and make recommendations which will help assure that they meet the needs of school age children with special needs.

    10. Assist the State Task Force in the collection of data to determine the effectiveness of the Right to Education Consent Agreement.

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