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    PIMS (Pennsylvania Information Management System) is the Pennsylvania Department of Education's statewide longitudinal data system for improving data capabilities by enhancing school districts' capacities to meet student-level data reporting requirements and provide robust decision-making support tools.

    PIMS is used to collect educational services and special education services information provided by LIU 12 for our 25 public school districts, 2 area vocational-technical schools, and 6 charter schools.

    The PennData (Pennsylvania State Data) Center and
    Applied Research Laboratory of the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) perform data validation on the files submitted to PIMS throughout each school year.

    Annual PIMS Collections

    Data Quality Curriculum

    What is the Data Quality Network?

    The Data Quality Network, or the DQN, is a statewide system of support comprised of 29 Intermediate Unit points-of-contacts. On the third Wednesday of each month, the DQN comes together at their own IU for a statewide videoconference.

    These videoconferences are open to each district and charter school.  During these meetings, both PDE and LEA presentations, activities, and discussions are held in an effort to support a culture of quality data and best practices. Each meeting sets a stage for professional development and learning in areas centered around items such as PIMS, data governance, privacy, and many more.

    Michelle Kennedy, LIU Data Coordinator, will send an email every month to each LEAs PIMS and PennData contacts to sign up to attend the DQN videoconferences.  All of the DQN videoconferences are held at the LIU12 in New Oxford.  

    Please contact Michelle Kennedy, LIU Data Coordinator - (717) 624-6494,  for more information about the Data Quality Network.

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