Life Skills / Multiple Disability Support Support

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    Our Life Skills Support and MDS Programs support students with Complex Instructional Support Needs from grade Kindergarten through age 21 in both York and Adams Counties. At the elementary level, students are exposed to rigorous, standards-based academic content at their instructional level. Programs are designed to increase independence in our students while providing a foundation in academic and functional knowledge using effective, evidence based strategies.

    LIU Life Skills students

    At the secondary level our programs focus on providing students with the skills needed to become college and career ready. Focus for our Multiple Disability Support programs at the secondary level include an emphasis on developing Independent Living Skills for a successful transition from school to adult life.  Our Life Skills Support Classrooms focus on building skills for students to become successful both in the community and in a work-based setting. Students are connected to agency and community resources through their educational experiences in our secondary LSS classrooms. In addition to our secondary classrooms located in public school buildings, we have several classrooms immersed in the community:

    LIU students baking.

    New Visions:

    LIU students folding papers.

    Students in our New Visions Classroom are fully immersed in the community.  The classroom is located in an apartment setting in which students have the opportunity to practice independent living skills on a daily basis.

    New Oxford Training Site:

    One of our students working in the New Oxford building

    Students at our New Oxford Training Site are immersed in a vocational setting with an added academic component. Intensive focus is given to providing students with skills needed to be successfully employed after exiting our program through developing linkages with agency services and work skill training. Students often become employed before graduation, and have developed the skills needed to become independent young adults.

    York County School of Technology:

    Students at VoTech building  a structure


    Our class at York County School of Technology provides students with a transition opportunity at a career and technical school with the goal of providing student an advantage in accessing employment in a technical area.  It provides an increased emphasis on experience and skill development.

    Leg Up Farms:

    We have a secondary Life Skills Support and Multiple Disability class at Leg Up Farm.  The classroom, along with several of our public school based classrooms participate in the ABLE training program and other work/community based experiences.

    LIU MAX:

    Through LIU MAX, we empower our students to reach their highest potential by presuming competence. We provide students with quality resources and rigorous instruction aligned to grade-level PA Core Standards. MAX provides access to learning opportunities that inspire achievement, recognition, and membership in school communities to enhance the quality of life for all students.

    Project MAX student smiling at work well done.


    The goal of LIU MAX is to provide ALL students with Complex Instructional Support needs with maximum access to PA Core Standards and the General Education curriculum.

    LIU MAX enables us to empower the schools with which we work to build capacity to overcome challenging obstacles while ensuring that all students have access to general education curriculum in conjunction with the LIU 12 mission of “empowering our customers to solve their most challenging problems that impact learning and quality of life.”

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