• Theraputic Emotional Support


    KPETS Visits the York County Therapeutic Emotional Support and Intervention Program:

    KPETS is a network of voluntary teams who provide therapeutic support through the use of pets to people with physical, emotional, and mental challenges. Throughout the current school year, students in the Therapeutic Emotional Support classrooms at Lincolnway Elementary as well as the York Learning Center have had the opportunity to spend time with this organization and their therapy dogs.  During the KPETS visits, students have participated in social skill lessons and worked on improving their fluency skills by reading books out loud to their four-legged friends.  The KPETS events have been a very positive experience for all involved and the program is looking forward to more visits in the future.   

    Therapeutic emotional support programming is provided for students in grades 1-12 in public school settings throughout the Lincoln Intermediate Unit.

    • Students are provided small group and individualized instruction to meet their academic needs in a highly structured, self contained classroom.
    • Behavioral and therapeutic interventions are provided daily by a full-time team including a special education teacher, a psychologist or counselor, and two paraprofessionals.
    • Consultation and medication management are provided monthly by a psychiatrist.
    • A licensed social worker is available to support students and families in the school or home settings.
    • Students are able to access a regular education school environment while benefiting from a highly therapeutic setting.