Deaf / Hard of Hearing Program

  • The LIU 12 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Support classroom program offers a language rich environment and Total Communication approach. Our program stresses communication skills, use of auditory skills, lip-reading, receptive and expressive American Sign Language or PSE and self-advocacy. We strongly believe that Deaf and Hard of Hearing students with proper access can achieve success in academic, social and transition goals.  Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing have unique linguistic, environmental and cultural needs. Because of the varieties of hearing loss and communication methods each student has an individual Communication Plan as a part of their IEP that addresses both mode of communication and access to direct communication with peers and adults. Additionally, we have Highly Qualified Interpreters for students, who communicate through American Sign Language or Pidgeon Sign Language, to provide access to General Education classes, school events and extra curricular activities.
    The LIU12 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Support program also offers itinerant services to those Deaf and Hard of Hearing students that are fully included in the general education setting. Audiological Support services are available to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, students in other LIU operated classes and District students requiring support or evaluations


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