Autistic Support

  • Celebrating Autism Awareness by "LIGHTING IT UP BLUE" here at the LIU!  -April 2018


    Students diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder may exhibit a wide range of skills and abilities. In order to meet each child’s unique communication, social interaction, sensory, academic and behavior needs, the LIU offers a variety of services through the Autistic Support Program. These services include autistic support classrooms, support for children within a regular education setting, in-service and training programs and a pre-referral assessment procedure. A team of professionals work together and employ various techniques and methodologies in helping each child to reach his or her fullest potential.

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    Brenda Hartman,
    Adams/York County
    (717) 624-6456

    Lori Wonders,
    Associate Supervisor,
    Adams/York County 
    (717) 640-6509

    Jacquelyn Drooger, 
    Franklin County

    Brian Bealmear, 
    Franklin County
    (717) 624-6486


    Dawn Dull
    Adams County 
    (with Hanover
    & South Western) 
    (717) 624-6488

    Christine Fourhman 
    York County 
    (717) 718-5800, ext. 5157

    Susan Stuff, 
    Franklin County
    (717) 504-4411

    Joyce Racey,
    Franklin County
    (717) 624-6470