Worker's Compensation

  • The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides disability and medical benefits to the employees of the LIU for work-related injuries and occupational diseases. In the event of such injury and/or disease, the employee may be entitled to payment for medical and hospital services. 

    If any employee suffers a work-related injury, that person MUST IMMEDIATELY report the injury to Human Resources by calling 717.624.6441. The employee must also notify their supervisor. The Workers' Comp insurer is UPMC WorkPartners.  


    If the injury requires medical attention, a panel physician must be utilized for the first ninety (90) days of treatment. WorkPartners and Human Resources have a copy of the most current panel of doctors. A copy of the most current panel of treating physicians is available below. In the event of an emergency, the employee should go to the nearest emergency room for treatment.

    An employee who is absent due to injury or illness sustained in the course of employment with the LIU shall be compensated in accordance with state and federal guidelines as follows 

    1. For the first seven (7) days of an absence, the employee will use accrued leave to cover the absence. 
    2. Commencing with the eighth day of such absence,Work Partners will then assume financial responsibility. Any compensation received by such employee pursuant to the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act shall be paid to the Lincoln Intermediate Unit.


    The name of the workers’ compensation carrier for Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12 employees is WorkPartners.  Please follow the instructions listed below.

    1)        If you are injured, and it is an emergency, seek emergency room care. Report your injury to Human Resources (HR) at  717- 624-6441. HR will report your injurty to Work Partners and then supply a claim number to you.  

    2)        If you are injured, and it is not an emergency, contact Human Resources (HR). HR will provide you with the names of panel doctors, or, refer to panel below. Tell the treating facility that the injury is work related. Provide them with LIU12 address, phone number, and WorkPartners information and claim number. 

    If you receive a written prescription; Express Scripts at 1-866-759-6146 is the name of the workers’ comp prescriptionprogram. Take your prescription to any Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Wal-mart, Giant or Acme.See the attached list for all Pharmacies. Provide the pharmacist with the following information:

    Bin # 003858, Procesor Control A4, Group Number KYHA, Member ID is your Social Security number, Your First and Last Name, Date of Injury (YYYYMMDD).

    3)        Notify HR andyour Supervisor of the incident, and any work restrictions immediately.

    4)        Notify Human Resources at (717) 624-6441. Provide your name, date of incident, and any work restrictions. Once Human Resources receives the first report of injury, a workers’ compensation letter and packet will be sent to you for completion. Please complete and return the packet as soon as possible to assist in ensuring your claim is properly processed.


    All workers’ compensation claims will be processed on behalf of the LIU by:


    Claim Management Services

    PO Box 2971

    Pittsburgh, PA 15230

    Fax: (412) 454-8717

    For forms or more information, please click the relevant link below:   

    Workers Compensation Packet including Panel Of Physicians


Safety & Security Guidelines

  • Safety is the product of teamwork. If you notice any unsafe condition, bring it to the attention of your supervisor or building principal immediately. Please do not assume someone has already reported the situation.

    Everyone has a responsibility to be alert to the security issues that surround us each and every day. Employees should report any unusual occurrences, suspicious activities/individuals, or thefts to his/her supervisor or building principal. Keep your personal belongings such as purses, wallets, and toiletries in a closed, secure location. Do not use LIU equipment for communications that are so private you would not want someone to listen or read them. When you work before or after your normal hours, make sure you park in a well-lighted area, especially after dark. Be sure to keep doors locked. Check around the building to find out if anyone else is present and visually check the parking lot before exiting the building. Be sure to secure the building when you depart.

    Review the school safety plan, keep a copy in your desk, and follow the procedures outlined in the plan.

    Keeping communication open is the responsibility of both the employee and supervisor. Taking advantage of the opportunity to resolve problems or misunderstandings before they affect you and your job performance is vital to the success of you and your career, as well as Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12. It is important that you feel positive about your job and yourself, and that you take pride in what you do.

    Problems or need for assistance should first be brought to the attention of your immediate supervisor. If the problem is not satisfactorily resolved, the employee should contact the Division Director, and if further assistance is required, meet with the Director of Human Resources who will advise you on other steps you may use to remedy your concern.