PALS/20 Hour Requirements


    Paraprofessional Learning: 

    Paraprofessionals play a key role in the support of the LIU classrooms.  In order to ensure our paraprofessionals are equipped with the needed skills to support the classrooms, paraprofessionals participate in annual learning requirements, as well as optional learning opportunities.  This page details these requirements.  

    The first two trainings detailed below are required to be eligible for continued employment.  The mandated training must be completed by the end of the school year in order to be eligible for employment the following school year.  The third training type detailed below is optional and may provide an opportunity to advance on the salary scale.  

    REQUIRED:  New Hired Paraprofessionals First Year MANDATORY training: "Highly Qualified" Requirement


    New Hires in the first year of employment:   a new paraprofessional must satisfy a PA Department of Education requirement to be a Highly Qualified professional.  Information related to this process can be found at: Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).  

    The stated requirements are:

    • Complete at least two (2) year of post secondary study (48 credits) OR
    • Possess an assoiciate degree or higher OR
    • Meet a rigorous standard of quality as demonstrated through a state or local assessment.  The LIU recognizes two (2) local assessments to assist paraprofessionals in attaining the PDE requirements. 

    REQUIRED:  Annual MANDATORY Training for ALL Paraprofessionals: 20 Hour Annual Training Requirements


    Training for a paraprofessional is detailed in the Pennsylvania School Code.  PA Chapter 14 outlines the paraprofessional annual training requirements. Paraprofessionals must complete 20 hours of staff development activities related to their assignment yearly.  All hours must be completed between July 1st and June 30th.  Additional hours beyond the 20 may not be carried over to the following school year.

    Acceptable training activities may include: school district or LIU sponsored in-service trainings, on-line trainings, some SafeSchools courses, PaTTAN teleconferences or video conferences, program meetings with specific training topics, educational conferences and/or workshops. Additional training resources can be found in the upper left hand corner of this page.

     Optional:  People Are Learning Skills (PALS)


    Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 (LIU) recognizes the need for continued professional growth and staff development. The purpose of PALS is to provide an opportunity for staff members to learn skills enabling them to be more effective in their jobs.  The PALS program is one of the ways the LIU encourages eligible employees to learn and to grow professionally. 

    Important Data:

    • LIU ESPA employees are eligible for PALS credit and will be advanced accordingly based on your appropriate pay scale.
    • PALS credit is granted only for the hours completed outside of the employee’s regular workday.  
    • Courses must pertain to your assignment.  Check with your supervisor if you are not sure a class pertains. 
    • Keep detailed records of your courses. 
    • Available courses are located on our Act 48 website. (See link in upper left hand corner of screen). You can also view upcoming courses on our calendar.

    Please direct questions to: or (717) 624-6462