Public Participation in Board Meetings

  • Public Comment Statement

    There is an opportunity for members of the public to address the Board on matters related to the LIU.  Those who speak are asked to speak loudly and clearly and to state their name and address for the record   To provide others with an opportunity to speak, each speaker during the public comment portion is limited to three (3) minutes of speaking time once recognized and limited to one opportunity to address the Board during the public comment period. If necessary, the Board may limit the total amount of time for public comments to thirty (30) minutes.

    The purpose of public comment is to give members of the public an opportunity to be heard on LIU matters. All comments and questions are to be directed to the Board as a whole.  Comments or questions may not be asked of any individual Board members or administrative staff.  The Board Chair (or Presiding Officer) or the Executive Director reserves the right to interrupt at any time to ask questions to clarify the discussion.  Similarly, the Board Chair (or Presiding Officer) may terminate or declare any person(s) out of order if they speak longer than the allotted time, become disruptive, confrontational, obscene, abusive or slanderous. No placards or banners are permitted in the boardroom. Private information related to any student is prohibited. Speakers are asked to consider carefully whether their comments are a matter of public interest related to the LIU or whether their concerns are better addressed in private.

    Private concerns or questions needing follow-up outside of the Board meeting, including without limitation any complaint against an individual LIU employee, must first be presented in writing to the Board, submitted to the Executive Director and signed by the person making the complaint. 

    For further reference, please review LIU Board Policy #903.

    Thank you.