Lincoln Learning Network

  • Background

    Welcome to the Lincoln Learning Network information site! This site is your 'go-to' resource for everything related to our IU's Regional Wide Area Network.  

    In April 2006, Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12, in conjunction with 23 regional districts, launched the Lincoln Learning Network (LLN). This network was designed to provide districts with the network bandwidth and educational tools needed to modernize instruction delivered in the classroom. The overall project has been a success for all parties involved however; the time has come for upgrades to the network.

    In 2019, we launched the fourth iteration of the Lincoln Learning Network. IU12 has made upgrades which have increased network capacity for LLN. Many of our districts have taken advantage of these upgrades by increasing their LLN and commodity Internet bandwidth at a significant cost savings. IU12 has also strived to add value to the LLN through various services like off-site backup, spam and content filtering, and Discovery Education video streaming.

    IU12's Educational Technology Services continually works to add value to the LLN for our clients. We look forward to continuing the efforts for years to come! 

    LLN Notifications

    In order to ensure smooth operation for the Lincoln Learning Network, IU12 has developed a set of procedures used when notifications need to be sent to our clients and vice versa. These procedures are below:

    LLN Emergency Notifications

    In those instances when a client district has experienced a major issue with the Lincoln Learning Network, two primary means of communication have been established to alert the IU to begin troubleshooting:

    1. Text or Email to
    2. Call 717-624-6602 - Our LLN Emergency Hotline.

    Both options immediately send alerts to the following team members:

    Jared Mader, Director of Educational Technology Services
    Brant Kenny, IT Systems Administrator
    Hans Kirchner, LLN Account Manager

    More information regarding our procedures are contained in this link: LLN Emergency Notification Document 

    LLN General Notifications

    Throughout the year, each of our clients conducts routine maintenance on their infrastructure. If any client will be conducting maintenance which may affect their core/edge device, IU12 would appreciate notification prior to these events. Please send a quick text or email to in order to prevent our emergency notification procedures from activating.

    As with our emergency notification procedure, the message is automatically sent to our team. You will receive acknowledgement of the message from the IU in a timely fashion.

    The IU always welcomes communications from our LLN Members!  Our team is always prepared assist in handling your requests.

    If you need assistance with any of the following:

    • DNS change requests
    • IP Addressing questions
    • Network Monitoring concerns (MRTG, etc.)
    • One Call Now LLN updates
    • Any General Questions or Concerns

    Please email: A member of the LLN Team will respond in timely manner.

    LLN Usage Monitoring

    Here is where you can monitor the bandwidth usage of all LLN Members, as well as the LLN core and internet connections.

    MRTG Graph

    Interested in Joining the LLN?

    If your organization is interested in receiving high-speed internet connectivity at a significant cost savings, the LLN may just be what you’re looking for!

    Hans Kirchner, LLN Account Manager can answer any questions you may have. or (717) 624-6406.