LIU Leadership Team

First name Last name Program
Language Instruction Education Program
Associate Supervisor Special Education
Assoc. Director of Special Ed-Center Based
Kevin Alvarnez Lincoln Benefit Trust Manager - Business Services
Johnathan Amos Systems Administrator
Kimberly Ansell Assistant Director of Finance
Dr. Lori Bauerline Associate Supervisor Preschool/Early Intervention
Brian Bealmear Supervisor Alternate Education
Dr. Jody Bering Preschool/Early Intervention
Jennifer Bermejo Business Services
Nicole Bond Educational Technology
Jennifer Carbaugh Supervisor of Accounting - Business Services
Paige Clafferty Associate Supervisor, Special Education
Corinne Conner Supervisor of Professional Learning Educational Services
Barbara Dalious Franklin Learning Center Administrator
Wendy Danner Accounting Manager, Business Services
Jaclyn Deardorff LIEP Supervisor - Educational Services
Leah Deitrich Life Skills Support/Mutiple Disabilites Support/Intensive Learning Support/Work Based Transition Programs
Kenneth Feinberg Network Administrator
Kelly Fox Preschool/Early Intervention
Douglas Fulton Program Specialist - Educational Services
Jennifer Hagarman Autistic Support
Sharon Hagenberger Adult Education
Kim Hess Associate Supervisor Special Education
James Hogue Associate Supervisor - Student Services
Ryan Holt Business Services
Jennifer Kelly Associate Supervisor of Special Education, Complex Needs
Brant Kenny Educational Technology
Brent Kessler Director of Finance
Stacey Kunkleman Transportation
Terri Landis Blind/Vision Support/Occupational & Physical Therapy
Dr. Jennifer Leese Director of Student Services and District Engagement
Jared Mader Director Educational Technology Services
Dr. Laura McCusker Assistant Director Education Services
Matthew McLaughlin Educational Services
Lisa Menges Nonpublic Schools, Student Support
Tanya Morret Training and Consultation Supervisor
Tashawna Nicholson Autistic Support
Dr. Michele Orner Director Educational Services
Larry Ott Paradise School Site Administrator
Sonia Pitzi Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program
Dr. Katherina Ramsay Supervisor of Special Education, Complex Needs
Chris Rasch HR Manager
Julie Romig Director of Strategic Communications
Dr. Ben Ruby Lincoln Cyber Cafe
Geri Schaffer Program Specialist - Educational Services
Dr. Laura Sharp Pupil Personnel Services
Ben Smith Assistant Director of Educational Technology Services
Jamie Tome Deaf/Blind, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Support/Speech/Language Support
Dr. Kendra Trail Assistant Executive Director
Ryan Unger Manager of Data Systems
Dr. Katie Wagaman Learning Center Site Administrator, YLC
Dr. Jeff West Executive Director
Tracy Williams Director Human Resources
Patti Wysocki Assistant Director of Student Services and District Engagement
Autumn Zaminski Educational Technology Specialist