The Lincoln Intermediate Unit (LIU) announces the commencement of its search for a new Executive Director, following the recent announcement of Dr. Jeffrey West’s retirement. Dr. West will be stepping down on January 3, 2025, after nearly six years of dedicated service.

    Reflecting on his tenure, Dr. West shared his appreciation for the opportunity to lead and collaborate with the educational community in Adams, Franklin, and York counties. "Serving these remarkable educators, staff, and families has been an honor. Together, we’ve achieved significant milestones, and I’m confident that the LIU will continue to thrive under new leadership."

    The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) will oversee the search for Dr. West’s successor, as approved by the LIU Board of Directors during a special meeting on April 17, 2024.

    The search process will begin immediately, aiming to find a visionary leader dedicated to continuing LIU’s mission to help partners, customers, and students realize their greatest potential through quality, innovative, solutions and services.

    To ensure the selection process is inclusive and comprehensive, the CCIU will organize focus groups and conduct surveys to gather input from families, staff and the educational community. Details on how to participate will be shared soon.

    "We value the voices of our IU community, and their input will be pivotal in this important decision," said LIU Board President, Mr. Todd Gettys. "We are committed to selecting a leader who will advance the mission and values of the Lincoln Intermediate Unit, ensuring we continue to be a go-to resource and expert for our community.”

    Thank you for your support during this important process. We look forward to working with and having a dialogue with the entire LIU community to bring in an outstanding educational leader to serve as the IU’s next executive director. 


    Board of Directors 

    Lincoln Intermediate Unit

Search Updates

  • June 21, 2024: Search Update

  • June 10, 2024: Search Update

  • June 5, 2024: Next Steps

  • June 3, 2024: Search Announcement

Press Releases

  • LIU12 Launches Search for New Executive Director

Search Timeline

    • May 30, 2024: Job posting opens.
    • June - July 2024: Focus Groups; Surveys.
    • July 22, 2024: Job posting closes; Application review.
    • July 30 - August 30, 2024: Candidate screening and interviews; Selection process.
    • September 2024: Board Approval/Announcement of the new Executive Director.

Community Input

  • Reminder: Survey Closes Soon, Register Now for Focus Groups

  • Focus Groups Participation

  • Survey Participation Encouraged

  • Community Input Survey

Process and Confidentiality

  • Integral to the process will be communicating with you, our LIU community. Updates regarding the search will be posted on the IU’s website as new developments occur. 

    To attract a wide field of experienced candidates, it is necessary that the executive director search process be confidential. This means that only the Board and the CCIU search team will be privy to the candidates' information and involved in the interview process. We will engage our community in guiding and informing our search process through survey tools and focus groups.