• Important Update about LIU12 Board Meeting Live Streaming Recordings

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the LIU12 Board of Directors began holding public meetings via Zoom and using the live streaming feature of Facebook to enable the public to watch and participate in these meetings. 

    The recordings of these meetings were not intended to be, nor did they ever, serve as public meeting  minutes or records. The LIU12 Board of Directors continued to follow its policy for adoption of meeting minutes, which is to produce written minutes following a public Board meeting and present them for formal adoption at the next scheduled public Board meeting. Once approved, these meeting minutes are posted here for public view. 

    Although LIU12 has returned to holding in-person meetings, the Board continues to offer live streaming of its public meetings for ease of public participation. These meetings will continue to be live streamed on the LIU12 Facebook page, but will not serve as the record or minutes of the meeting. These live streamed recordings will be purged following the adoption of official meeting minutes at the next public LIU12 Board meeting, in accordance with the LIU12 records retention policy.  This practice began August 2022. 

    Please be aware that requests for meeting minutes would produce the official (written) meeting minutes adopted by the Board, in accordance with our policy. 

    Thank you. 


    Dr. Jeffrey West 

    Executive DIrector