Teacher Induction

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    Dr. Brad Sterner
    bdsterner@iu12.org (717) 624-6482


    Wendy Noel
    wknoel@iu12.org  (717) 624-6438

    The program goals are:

    Goal 1:  To build a strong mentoring relationship between beginning teacher and the induction team by:

    • developing an induction team for each beginning teacher.
    • providing training for induction team members.
    • providing opportunities for interaction among team members.

     Goal 2:  To develop an understanding of effective classroom techniques and procedures by:

    • reinforcing effective classroom management skills.
    • reinforcing a variety of effective instructional strategies.
    • reinforcing the usage of a multitude of student assessment strategies.
    • utilizing research-based instruction.

    Goal 3:  To build an awareness of expectations by:

    • studying the Code of Professional Practice and Conduct.
    • fostering professional attitudes and positive self-esteem.
    • defining community, district and building expectations.
    • defining beginning teacher expectations.
    • learning skills to promote effective communication with students, parents, community members and colleagues.

    Induction teams, comprised of a beginning teacher and a mentor teacher, meet throughout the year at both the local and county level for programming.