Registration & Cancellation Policy

  • LIU12 Registration and Cancellation Policy

    LIU makes every effort to hold all scheduled events. This policy details how to cancel your registration and the limitations permitted.

    It is the responsibility of the registrant to secure permission to register for an event.


    If a registrant withdraws from an event, the following refund policy applies:

    • You or your LEA will be billed for the full registration if the cancellation comes within 7 calendar days of the start of the event or the advertised cancellation date, whichever occurs first
    • You or your LEA will be billed for the cost of equipment or other materials (including but not limited to STEM/CS robotics, books/manuals, or other manipulatives) if the cancellation comes within 30 calendar days of the event or the advertised cancelation date, whichever occurs first.

    To cancel your registration and withdraw from a course, workshop, conference, or event: 

      • Email the request for cancellation. Include the date, location, name of the event, and coordinator/instructor. 
      • Email the event coordinator/instructor the request for cancellation (which can be a carbon copy of the above email). 
    • Note: The timestamp on your email will be the record of your cancellation time.


    Decisions on whether or not an event will be held due to low enrollment will be made 7 calendar days prior to the event, unless otherwise noted.