Virtual Transition Fair 2021

  • Virtual Student Day Fair

    The members of the Transition Coordinating Councils in York, Adams and Franklin Counties welcome you to our 2021 Virtual Student Day Fair. From this page you will find sessions typical of the in-person Student Days held in each county prior to the Global Pandemic. We hope teachers, students and parents will utilize these sessions to promote successful Secondary Transition practices that help to make for a smooth transition from school into the world of Post-Secondary Education, Employment and Independent Living.

    If you have questions concerning the content of the sessions please reach out to the Presenters. Their contact information is in their presentation.

    If you have technical issues with any of the sessions please reach out to: Melinda Krebs, LIU 12 Staff Developer. Her contact information is in every presentation.

    These sessions will be available beginning March 22, 2021 through the end of the 20-21 school year and will also be available for use through the first quarter of the 21-22 school year.

Home & Neighborhood Safety


    State Trooper Angela Grube offers tips and suggestions for staying safe in your home and neighborhood.

Social Security


    Social Security and Earnings – Join Jenni Kistler, Benefits Counselor from Goodwill Keystone Area to learn about Social Security benefits and how to work while keeping your benefits.

A Message from York City Police

  •  Safety tips and Words of Wisdom from the York City School Police Force.

Job Coaching and more


    Join Amanda Smith from Penn Employment Services with The ARC of York County. Learn about the job-related services available for individuals including Community Based Work Assessments, Paid Work Experience, Job Placement, Follow up Services Job Coaching and additional services available to students working through The ARC. Funding for services is through OVR and/or MHIDD. 

The Discovery Process


    The Discovery Process – Employment is an option for those requiring additional support in obtaining and keeping a job. Penn Mar Human Services offers The Discovery Process as a pathway to employment for such individuals. Join Courtney Harless to learn what is involved in using The Discovery Process for successful Post-Secondary Employment. 

Accessing Accommodations in College


    College Accommodations are different from those allowed in high school. Learn the differences and start planning now for a successful Post-Secondary Education transition into college life. Linda Miller from York College of PA and Lori Shoemaker from the York Campus of HACC are the presenters.

York County School of Technology Adult Education Programs


    The Adult Education Programs at YCST located in York, PA offer training for those interested in careers in: Mechatronics/Industrial Controls, Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding, Practical Nursing, Nurse’s Aide, Phlebotomy, and  HVAC. Tiffany Graham, Career Service Coordinator guides you through the  programs.

Triangle Tech


    Triangle Tech Welding Program – Triangle Tech is a Post-Secondary Training option located in Chambersburg, PA offering training for those interested in welding for a career. Join Associate Director of Business Development  Ashley Kessler to learn about this program.

Healthy Nutrition


    Presented by the Quality Healthcare Unit that works with MHIDD/EI, learn what is meant by the term Healthy Nutrition, what is needed for it and why it is important.

Healthy Relationships


    Presented by the Quality Healthcare Unit that works with the Franklin County MHIDD/EI, learn about the different types of relationships, boundaries within relationships and how to identify both healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Mindfulness Sessions

  • Join Dr. Laura Sharp, Director of Pupil Services for LIU 12 is our presenter for three sessions of guided Mindfulness. To promote self-care and wellness these sessions are intended to provide a short break in the busyness of everyday activities. Research shows that short activities that promote wellness can foster resiliency, increase self-satisfaction and guard against burn out. Utilize these sessions in class as a way in which to promote self-care that students can practice across many varied settings.


Basic Breath


    We breathe in and out about 22,000 times a day and usually don’t realize we are doing it. This simple exercise will help us to use awareness of the breath to create calmness within ourselves.

Loving kindness


    This popular form of meditation cultivates feelings of benevolence, kindness, and compassion through the use of silent repetitions of positive phrases.



    In this meditation, we will use imagery to harness the sights, smells, sensations, and sounds of the beach to help us move towards relaxation.