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    The Educational Technology Services now supports Zoom for meetings and other events. This technology allows our staff to attend educational webinars, staff meetings, and other events without the need for costly travel. It provides high-definition video, crystal clear audio, and the ability to share your screen and collaborate with others in a shared environment.

    Anyone with an email account can go to https://zoom.us/ can create a free account. The LIU has a partnership with Zoom to provide and support licensed accounts for educational organizations. If you are an organization interested in a licensed account, contact Ben Smith: bsmith@iu12.org. Internal LIU staff need to speak with their supervisor. 

Best Practices

  • Video Conferencing Do's:

    • DO: put the call in information in the calendar invite for easy access. 
    • DO: hide your dock. If you are using a mac, it uses up valuable real estate and can be distracting
    • DO: Clean up your virtual desktop before the meeting. If you are switching through files or windows, the messy desktop can look unprofessional
    • DO: begin prepared with presentation items pulled up before hand – if there are several documents to go through, have them placed on your desktop for easy access or have them open in your doc already.
    • DO: have necessary internet-accessed items ready in multiple tabs on one window to reduce transition times. This is a great time to group your tabs in Chrome.
    • DO: close all unnecessary applications to reduce distractions and possible lag time.
    • DO: Type notes on the presenting computer so participants can see. This allows them to add to or correct your notes. Make sure they are shared ahead of time if a Google Doc.
    • DO: Check you audio and video for quality. This includes lighting and background clutter. 

    Video Conferencing Don'ts:

    • DON’T: be late—the organizer, starts the meeting so its important that you start the meeting about 5 minute early. 
    • DON’T: chat or instant message (outside of the Zoom chat) people during the meeting unless your audience needs to see the chat .
    • DON’T: have the call in a noisy place. We advise all calls to be taken in a conference room so that you are not distracting your co-workers and to reduce background noise for the others on the call
    • DON’T: forget to charge your laptop or be connected to battery power!
    • DON'T: forget to forward your phone so participants are not distracted by the ringing. 
    • DON'T: forget to close email notifications so folks aren't seeing your email pop-ups
    • DON'T: forget to post that you are Zooming so folks know not to interrupt you.

    From: http://gobrandgo.com/gotomeeting-teleconferencing-dos-and-donts/



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    or to request training contact:

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