Job Alike Groups Introduction

  • Job Alike Groups 

    Educational Services provides support through Job Alike groups to the districts that are within our footprint.  These groups support teachers and administrators in understanding PDE goals and initiatives as well as best practices in educational spaces.  If you have any questions about any of the groups please contact Karen Eakin.  

  • Assistive Technology Chat: Do you want to build your own or your district’s capacity when it comes to meeting students’ needs in the area of Assistive Technology (AT)? These chATs will help provide you with the tools and best practices in AT so you can better support all learners. During chATs, AT demonstrations, lending library updates, and information regarding upcoming AT-related trainings will be provided.  Opportunity will be available for participants to engage in an open forum and Q & A to discuss AT-related successes, questions, and concerns. Please consider joining the LIU AT ChAT group.  By joining the AT ChAT you will have access to resources on a shared Google Drive, learn about upcoming trainings, receive emails about the latest in AT, and have access to the videos and slides from the AT ChAT  Zoom meeting. You also can join the AT ChAT group by attending one of our AT-related trainings.

    Autism & Communication Think Tank: Our Autism & Communication Think Tank is a virtual place and time where people who teach/support students with autism/autistic students can come together to think about and discuss relevant topics related to supporting communication skills with this population. In an effort to recognize differing perspectives, the Think Tank discussions aim to promote: collaboration, self-Reflection, listening, and sharing. 

    Charter and CTC: Network participants will be provided with IU12 updates from other key network groups and state updates. The members of the Charter and CTC Network are provided the opportunity to meet with peers and other stakeholders to discuss topics and issues that are unique to them.

    Coaching Community of Practice: Collaboration and learning are some of the tenets of strong instructional coaching systems. This community of practice works to support coaches, no matter the content they support, in instituting high-quality practices and providing a space where they can collaborate with others who fulfill the same role.  

    Continuous Improvement Collaborative: The Continuous Improvement Collaborative is capacity-building support designed for leadership of IU12 schools that have been designated for school improvement under Continuous Support and Improvement (CSI), Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (A-TSI), Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI), and those operationalizing Accelerated Learning plans. 

    Curriculum Council:

    Curriculum Supervisors Community of Practice: From working with stakeholders both outside and inside the district to planning and managing grants and state requirements; curriculum supervisors have a very unique role in schools.  This community of practice creates a place for all curriculum supervisors from Adams, Franklin, and York counties to come together to support each other and share their successes.  

    Data Quality Network: The Data Quality Network brings together PDE and LEAs to enhance the understanding of PIMS submissions, data governance, and best practices. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere, we can increase communication and data practices across educational bodies in Pennsylvania. 

    Federal Programs Coordinators:

    Gifted Network: A professional learning community (PLC) to discuss and share instructional research and current issues in gifted education. Meets four times per year.

    Health and PE Network:

    Inclusive Practices:

    K-2 Network:

    Literacy Network: Each session will provide time for discussion around best practices in literacy instruction, structured literacy and the literacy framework at your school and/or district , problems of practice, time to ask questions and collaboration, and networking with fellow educators. Participants will be invited to share topics of interest at the end of each session to ensure that all voices are heard. 

    Math Network: Come spend some time with us as we dive deeper into math conversations during your lunch.  We will talk about what’s new with math research as we explore how the brain learns math, how instruction links with brain research for best teaching practices, and how to use math strands to guide lesson planning around the new Science of Math movement.  Hosted 4 times in the year.  

    MTSS (LEEI) Behavior Network for Tier 1: The goal of the  MTSS Behavior Network for Tier 1 is to build capacity for professionals in universal behavior practices through networking. Attendees will renew their knowledge and understanding of current trends and best practices in the implementation of a behavioral MTSS system at the Universal Tier 1 level.

    Principal Network:

    SEW Network: Removing barriers for learners by building capacity of key personnel around best practices in Social Emotional Wellness. Meets four times per year.

    Transition Councils: