Who to Contact in HR

Task HR Contact Email Phone
Absence Management System & General Attendance Lydia ljsmall@iu12.org 717-624-6546
American Disabilities Act (ADA) Lydia ljsmall@iu12.org 717-624-6546
Assignment Letters (sent out in July) Renee rmgrim@iu12.org 717-624-6426
Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Spousal Surcharge, etc.) Kelly klreynolds@iu12.org 717-624-6441
Board Agenda Renee rmgrim@iu12.org 717-624-6426
Building Access & Fobs Ashley arsaltmarsh@iu12.org 717-624-6467
Certifications/Licensures Belinda bkharner@iu12.org 717-624-6443
Clearances Ashley arsaltmarsh@iu12.org 717-624-6467
COVID Related Questions HR COVID Response Team hr_covid@iu12.org
Disability (Short/Long Term) Lydia ljsmall@iu12.org 717-624-6546
Employment Verifications Ashley arsaltmarsh@iu12.org 717-624-6467
FMLA Administration (Family Medical Leave Act) Lydia ljsmall@iu12.org 717-624-6546
Guest Teacher Program Nicole nfgallardo@iu12.org 717-624-6545
Hiring/Recruiting Elaine & Nicole epsteinour@iu12.org / nfgallardo@iu12.org 717-624-6496 / 717-624-6545
ID Badges Ashley arsaltmarsh@iu12.org 717-624-6467
Job Descriptions Elaine epsteinour@iu12.org 717-624-6496
Jury Duty Lydia ljsmall@iu12.org 717-624-6546
Leave w/o Pay Requests (Non-FMLA Related / LIU-65) Lydia ljsmall@iu12.org 717-624-6546
Letter of Intent (sent out in February) Renee rmgrim@iu12.org 717-624-6426
Loan Forgiveness Applications Belinda bkharner@iu12.org 717-624-6443
Name Changes Ashley arsaltmarsh@iu12.org 717-624-6467
PALS Belinda bkharner@iu12.org 717-624-6443
Para 20 Hours / Highly Qualified Ashley arsaltmarsh@iu12.org 717-624-6467
Retirement Kelly klreynolds@iu12.org 717-624-6441
Vector (Formerly SafeSchools - Mandatory Trainings) Ashley arsaltmarsh@iu12.org 717-624-6467
Tenure Belinda bkharner@iu12.org 717-624-6443
Tuition Reimbursement Belinda bkharner@iu12.org 717-624-6443
Workers' Compensation Kelly klreynolds@iu12.org 717-624-6441