Educational Technology for LIU Staff

    • Adding LIU email to your personal phone

      You can add access to your LIU email on your personal device by following these directions.
      (Use your LIU Gmail account to access these files.)

    • Email Archive

      Access your archived emails. The LIU archives all emails for three years: LIU Email Archive 

    • LIU Style Guidelines

      The LIU Style Guide was created to be a valuable resource for employees to use so that everyone representing the LIU is doing so with the same guidelines as reference.
      (use your LIU Gmail account to access)

    • LIU Staff Technology Manual

      Your one stop place for using technology at the LIU. (use your LIU Gmail account to access): LIU Staff Technology Manual

    • Zoom

      Learn more about how to use this valuable tool on our Zoom Support page.