• Third Grade


    We started the year off with an introduction lesson.  We talked about Super Heros and learned that we all have special things that we are good at.  We talked about the things that a school counselor is good at and how she uses those "powers" to help the students at school.

    We also talked about active listening and following directions.  We learned that to be listening our very best, we need to be using our whole body.   We also talked about why it is important to be a good listener, not only for ourselves but for our classmates as well.  We played the Silly Directions Game to reinforce the importance of listening and paying attention.


    In October we learned about the STAR method for dealing with problems.  STAR stands for:  Stop, Think, Act, Review.

    In another lesson went learned some different strategies for dealing with problems by visiting the "Problem Solving Pond".

    We finished the month by talking about how you can't tell much about a person when you see them in a Halloween costume and related that to how that is true even when people are not wearing a costume.  We cannot really know a person until we talk to them and get to know them and we should not make assumptions about people based on how they look!


    In November we spent time talking about feelings  We read a book called "Soda Pop Head" and talked about anger and some things to try when we are feeling angry.

    We also read a book called, "But it's not my Fault" and talked about taking responsibility for our actions

    During our last lesson in November we learned about gratitude.  We learned that gratitude is the key to happiness and played the gratitude scoot game.


    December was a busy month!  We spent some time talking about what it means to be a friend, and the difference between "good friend behaviors" vs. "not good friend behaviors. 

    We also learned a big new word...perseverence!  We heard a story about a little elf who just couldn't find a job, but he persevered and found a perfect fit at the end. 


    Happy New Year!  We learned about New Year's Resolutions and goals during our first lesson of the new year.  We talked about why it is important to have SMART goals.  SMART stands for: specific, measurable, achievable, relatable, and timely.  Then we each set a SMART goal for ourselves.

    Next, we leared a new word...MINDSET!  We learned that there are two different kinds of mindsets, fixed and growth.  We have a growth mindset because we know that our minds are always learning and growing.  Ask us about the power of the word "YET"!

    We read a book called "Your Fantastic, Elastic Brain" and learned all about our super-cool brains! 


    February is the month of love and kindness!  We talk a lot about being kind to others.  We watched the Kindness Boomerang and talked about why it is so important to out kindness out into the world!


    In March we talked about the Sneetches for Dr. Suess's birthday!  We learned that you can never judge a book by it's cover and that we should treat everyone with respect and kindness. We also spent some time talking about expected and unexpected behavior.


    April is one of my favorite months!  In April we talk about careers!   We started by talking about our jobs as students.  We took a little quiz to find out how we learn best.  Some of us are visual learners, some are auditory learners, and some are kinesthetic learners.  Most of us are a combination of all of them!  It is never too early start talking about what you are good at, what you like to do, and what kinds or jobs are out there! 


    May is a busy month!  We started out by talking about sporstmanship.  The students learned to be Encouragers, Fun Players, and Gracious Winners.   Then we practiced being good sports by playing a few games of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"! 

    We also talked about being "Safety Smart" during the summer months, whether we are traveling, playing in the sun, swimming or going online.

    Lastly, we played a review game to review all the fun things we have learned about this year!