• First Grade


    We started the year off with an introduction lesson, using Mrs. Potato Head!  We learned that, just like Mrs. Potato Head, the school counselor wears many hats!  She has eyes to watch out for the students and hands for giving high fives!  She has big ears to listen too! 

    We also talked about using our whole body when we listen by reading about Liam the Labradoodle.  When we listen, our eyes should be watching, our ears should be listening, out mouths should be closed, our bodies should be still, and we should raise our hand if we have a question or comment!  So far we are doing great!


    In October we learned about "kid-sized problems" vs. "big deals" and talked about the difference between reporting and tattling by reading Tattle Tngue by Julia Cook. We talked about some ways we can try to solve our "kid-sized problems" and are going to try to work on solving them ourselves first before telling an adult. 

    In another lesson went to "Personal Space Camp"!!!  We learned a lot about what paersonal space is and why it is important.  We are going to try our best respect each other's personal space.


    In November we spent time talking about feelings.  We loved reading the "Magic Feelings Coloring Book"".  We also read a book called "Soda Pop Head" and talked about anger and some strategies to try when we are feeling angry.

    We also heard about "Spookly the Square Pumpkin".  We learned that our differences are what make us special and that we should never make fun of anyone because they are different.

    We finished the month by talking about manners.


    December was a busy month!  We spent some time talking about what it means to be a friend.  We played a fishing game to learn the difference between "good friend behaviors" vs. "not good friend behaviors. 

    We also learned a big new word...perseverence!  We heard a story about a little elf who just couldn't find a job, but he persevered and found a perfect fit at the end. 


    Happy New Year!  In January we started off by talkinng about Squirrel's New Year's Resolution.  We talked about some some good ideas for a resolution and then made our own resolution. 

    Next, we leared another new word...MINDSET!  We learned that there are two different kinds of mindsets, fixed and growth.  We have a growth mindset because we know that our minds are always learning and growing.  Ask us about the power of the word "YET"!

    We also talked about mistakes and how they relate to mindset.  We talked about what they are and how we feel when we make them.  We read "The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes" and discovered that it is okay to make mistakes!  Mistakes are how we learn.


    February is the month of love and kindness!  We talk a lot about being kind to others.  We read Heartprints and talked about doing good deeds.  We also read The Biggest Valentine and teamed up to make beautiful Valentines!


    In March we talked about Dr. Suess of course!  We Learned about the Star-bellied Sneetches and the Plain-bellied Sneeches and learned that we are all special!  We also spent some time talking about expected and unexpected behavior.


    April is one of my favorite months!  In April we talk about community helpers and jobs!   Even 1st grade is not too early to start talking about what you are good at, what you like to do, and what kinds or jobs are out there!  We learned about the different tools that people use for their jobs and read What Shoes Will You Wear? by Julia Cook.


    May is a busy month!  We started out by talking about sporstmanship.  The students watched Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Sportsmanship and we practiced being good sports by playing a few games of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"! 

    We also talked about being "Safety Smart" during the summer months, whether we are traveling, playing in the sun, swimming or going online.

    Lastly, we played a review game to review all the fun things we have learned about this year!

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