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    Tim Stanton, Manager (717) 624-6530

    Deb Kane, Joint Purchasing Coordinator  (717) 624-6530

    The Lincoln Intermediate Unit Joint Purchasing Board was formed in 1976 to combine the 25 school districts, two vocational schools and the Intermediate Unit located in Adams, Franklin and York Counties into one procurement consortium.  The process of placing one bid that meets school code, for all combined requirements enable each district to achieve savings in overall price, influence vendor service and reduce paperwork. 

    In addition to standard school commodities, the Board uses creative and forward thinking methods to maximize savings in other programs.  For example, the consortium conducts a chemical disposal bid to provide districts with alternative methods of disposing elements from science labs and facility operations.

    Energy Savings: 

    One of the significant cost savers for districts is the procurement of energy.  The Consortium purchases fuel oil, electricity and natural gas by hedging current market prices and locking in those prices for the out years.  In fiscal year 2018-19 the Consortium’s aggregate energy savings totaled nearly $4.5 million dollars over retail market pricing. 

    Outside Entity Participation:

    In September 1996, the Joint Purchasing Board approved a fee schedule for outside entities including non-LIU school districts, non-public schools and municipalities at $100.00 per bid and the annual Catalog Discount bid at $250.00 plus an additional 1% administrative fee on the total purchases.

    Annual Bid Award Timeline

Joint Purchasing Board Officers

  • Joint Purchasing Board Officers

    Chairman - Justin Peart, Bermudian Springs School District

    Vice Chairman - Michael Statler, Littlestown School District

    Secretary -  Tim Stanton, Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12

    Bid Coordinator - Deb Kane, Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12

Joint Purchasing Board Meeting Schedule

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    Joint Purchasing Board Meeting Schedule

    October 20, 2021

    December 15, 2021

    April 20, 2022 

    May 18, 2022 

    June 10, 2022