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    The mission of the Lincoln Benefit Trust is to manage cost-effective health and wellness programs
    for all member entities that meets their organizational needs
    while maintaining a strong fiduciary responsibility of member resources.

    Who is Lincoln Benefit Trust?

    PA School District led consortium formed in 1979 when school districts realized the value and power of collective purchasing.  The founding concept centered on leveraging the collective size and resources of a group of school districts to influence the cost, quality and access to healthcare services of their community, region or state.

    • Comprised of 21 school districts – representing more than 22,000 covered lives.
    • Dedicated to providing value-based health care purchasing initiatives to Pennsylvania public school districts.
    • Committed to providing expert knowledge and assistance to school districts in achieving their organizational goals.

    As Pennsylvania School Districts seek to keep the cost of rising health care costs down and protect the value of their health benefits, Lincoln Benefit Trust provides expert services:

    • Financial Success
    • Saving Money – Group Purchasing
    • Consumer driven plan designs
    • Value Added Services

    Whether you are looking to tackle a large medical claims increase or simply reduce your budget, savings from Lincoln Benefit Trust is the best solution!

    Marty Schuj, LBT Trust Manager (717) 624-6493

LBT Staff

Staff Member Position Email Phone
Char Albin Accounts Receivable Clerk 717-624-6547
Natalie Kraus LBT Secretary 717-624-6492
Marty Schuj Trust Manager 717-624-6493
Lisa Smith Fiscal Assistant 717-624-6619

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