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Lawrence E. Ott, M.Ed.

Principal/Supervisor of Special Education

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The Franklin Learning Center is a public school facility, serving students with special needs. The school is jointly owned and operated by the Chambersburg, Greencastle, Fannett-Metal, Tuscarora, and Waynesboro School Districts of Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Through the administration of the Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12, Franklin Learning Center offers classes for special needs students, diagnostic evaluation, psychological evaluation and services, itinerant services, therapy services, homebound instruction, and vocational services. These programs serve students aged 3-21 with a free and appropriate public education according to state and federal regulations.

Educational Programs Provided at Franklin Learning Center:

Life Skills & Multiple Disabilities Support Programs

The Lincoln Intermediate Unit believes every student is entitled to an educational program which will enable him or her to develop to his or her fullest potential.  To achieve this goal, the LIU special education Life Skills Support programs are designed to prepare students to be as self-sufficient as possible within their capabilities and to become contributing members of society.  Intensive efforts are made to help students develop communication skills necessary to make their needs known, to learn the social skills that are appropriate to their chronological ages and to develop both academic and work skills which may lead to competitive or sheltered employment.  We strongly believe that a cooperative effort between home, school and community is essential to enable every student to reach his or her potential.

Life Skills Support (LSS) and Multiple Disabilities (MDS) Programs are available in York, Adams, and Franklin Counties.  A continuum of services is offered ranging from public school classrooms to center-based programs.  The Franklin Learning Center (FLC) in Franklin County has been providing diagnostic and educational services to the exceptional children of Franklin County since 1977.  The Yorkshire Academy, housed at the York Learning Center in York County, provides specialized programming for students.  Students are afforded the opportunity to participate in prevocational and transitional skills training throughout the building, and at off-campus work sites.  The students are involved in community-based training experiences as well as classroom programming.


Mr. Lawrence E. Ott, Program Supervisor

Mrs. Gwen Cook, Program Secretary

2397 Loop Road

Chambersburg, PA  17202                                                                                                                            

(717) 263-2700

Fax:  (717) 263-7479


Resources and Other Links:


Life Skills Support Brochure


Multiple Disabilities Support Brochure

Autistic Support Program

Students diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder may exhibit a wide range of skills and abilities.  In order to meet each child’s unique communication, social interaction, sensory, academic and behavior needs, the LIU offers a variety of services through the Autistic Support Program.  These services include autistic support classrooms, support for children within a regular education setting, in-service and training programs and a pre-referral assessment procedure.  A team of professionals work together and employ various techniques and methodologies in helping each child to reach his or her fullest potential.

Emotional Support Program

Students who experience extensive academic, emotional, and social problems have difficulty functioning successfully in group settings are served by the LIU Emotional Support (ES) Program.  These students may show an inability to learn that cannot be explained by intellectual, sensory, or health factors, and often display inappropriate types of feelings or behaviors.   A team made up of a classroom teacher, teaching assistant, an Instructional Advisor, and a psychologist offer support in an individualized classroom program for each student.  Students in the ES program may be served in a classroom in a public school, a classroom in a specialized facility a residential setting or a detention facility. 

Mrs. Leslie Johnson, Program Supervisor
Mrs. Deb Seville, Program Secretary

Franklin Learning Center
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